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Uncle SamI WANT YOU to spend more of your money right here!

Economists call it the "multiplier effect."  The best thing you can do for our local economy is to spend money - right here in Mason, Michigan - Hometown U.S.A. 

Buy locally.  It's good for ourcommunity and good for our future.

Please show your support for making the Mason area a better place to live and work by returning this completed pledge form to the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce.

I/WE PLEDGE to shift at least 5% of our out-of-the-area or online spending to businesses within the Mason Area.

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Not convinced about signing the pledge?  Read the article below: 

As we discovered in the Great Recession, during economic uncertainty, the worst thing we can do is abandon our local economy.  Instead, let's continue to work together to make the Mason area into Michigan's economic oasis.

Trying to not spend money seems to be top of mind for individuals as well as businesses these days.   This comes as no surprise, since we all remember too well the recent economic downturn. 

Government actions take time to have a beneficial effect, so it is important to realize that individuals are not powerless.  The good news is that our community is blessed in many ways.  For example, our local banks and financial institutions are strong because they have maintained sound business practices for many years. A more diverse regional economy is emerging as well. Every individual can contribute to improving our local economy while strengthening their own personal financial position.

If you're working or your business is picking up -- why sit on your hands?  Don't put your money in a mattress.  The United States depends on a robust consumer economy.  If consumers like you aren't buying, things might get worse again economy-wise.  Instead, position your household or business or organization for the future. 

Spending wisely with an eye to the future means choosing to shop locally -- it makes sense.  You will save money on gasoline, support local jobs, and keep sales tax dollars in our state.

Bringing outside dollars into our community is often just as easy as extending an invitation.  The Mason area has a wonderful variety of shopping opportunities, so invite your friends and family to come here for a shopping trip. For example, the Mason area is well known as a great place to buy antiques.  Now we have even more choices for shopping for collectibles.  Visitors really enjoy shopping at the truly unique gift shops we have.

In an effort to encourage citizens to shop locally, The Mason Area Chamber of Commerce has a number of programs under its "Mason Values" and "MAiBA" brands.  For example, MACC Gift Certificates make great gifts, bonuses, prizes, and recognition awards. Since they are mostly spent with members, this will keep dollars in our area.  We encourage businesses and individuals to purchase MACC Gift Certificates, use the member-to-member Mason Values card for discounts, and participate in other Chamber programs to support the local economy.

Supporting the local economy is also about sharing. Everyone has the power to share. Volunteer your time to help a local non-profit organization. Donate items you no longer need to Chamber members like Habitat for Humanity, Capital Area Community Services, or your favorite service group.  The Chamber itself has both volunteer opportunities and accepts in-kind and monetary contributions to help advance our mission to improve our community's quality of life and standard of living.

Use your individual power to support our local economy.  Get your business or organization more involved in the community.  It's just good business to take care of your friends and neighbors first.  Support them, because they're the ones who are most interested in supporting you.