Mason Area Chamber of Commerce




The Mason Area Chamber of Commerce gift certificate program provides value to your business, whether you’re a Chamber member or not! It’s simple and easy. The Chamber markets and sells chamber gift certificates good at all Mason area retailers, restaurants, hotels, and more. The goal of the program is to keep money local and drive new business your way!

Here are some key benefits of the Mason Area Chamber gift certificate program:

  • Increases sales and acquires new customers.
  • Customers with these gift certificates spend more locally.
  • Complements your own in-store gift card or certificate program.
  • Gift certificates are easily available through the Chamber office.

Here is how simply it works:

  • Accept these gift certificates for the full face amount.
  • Mail them in or deliver them to the Chamber office.
  • You get a check from the Chamber for the full face amount sent out the next Wednesday.
  • No service fee or percentage will be charged to anyone.

All Mason area businesses are automatically enrolled, and again, there is no cost for your participation! When you redeem a gift certificate, just send it to the Chamber office and we’ll send you a check for the full face value the next Wednesday. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose -- a smart way to make our local economy even stronger.

Click here to download a poster for your business!